Jérôme Schultz

Leader. Founder. Catalyst.
Digital business is an unstoppable and irresistible catalyst for change — change that will affect the fundamental foundations and baseline assumptions of every business.

Not every business fundamental will need to change to the same degree, nor will every technology driver have a role to play in every business scenario; however, businesses that decide to 'wait and see' are likely to become irrelevant.



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  • Head of IT & Digital Business
    Period: 2019 - today
    - head of the IT & digital business department
    - Support, coaching of product owners, project managers and interdisciplinary teams and implementation of agile methods as a certified SCRUM Master
    - head of innovation team and innovation process

    Business Development: - Development of new (digital) business fields and business models - Implementation and use of (agile) methods (SCRUM, Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas, Data Driven, Product Field, etc.) - Business Driver for new digital products and smart services - Support for the market launch of digital products and services in cooperation with other departments

    Digitization: - Design, implementation and responsibility for the further development of our IT-supported business processes - Development and implementation of an automation and digitization strategy - Support of the departments in the digital transformation and development of digital workflows, also in cooperation with our customers

    IT: - Development of an IT strategy and derivation of the IT budget based on the corporate strategy / vision - Development, securing of relevant (IT-) processes in the company
  • before 2019
    Head of IT (CIO)
    Period: 2012- 2019

    Efficiency and strategy:
    - strategic management of IT and consulting of the managing directors through direct subordination and affiliation to the 1st management level
    - Integration and co-design of relevant business processes
    - Personnel and technical management as department manager
    - efficient structuring of the company and increase in the value of individual business units
    - Conception and planning tasks
    - Group strategic orientation through fixed membership of board

    - Member of the internal vision team
    - Initiating and managing new value-adding local and Group-wide technology projects
    - Consistent integration of new technologies
    - Integration into the group structure through migration and change management
    Operational functions:
    - Ensuring the smooth operation of all IT supported processes and the flow of information
    - Emergency management and prevention of failures or complications
    - Member of the Compliance Team at Group level

    Period: 2011- 2012

    IT Specialist / Technical Consultant
    Period: 2007 - 2011

    IT Service / Support
    Period: 2005 - 2007
  • Founder & Entrepreneur
    Period: 2006 - today

    IT & Online-Marketing Projects in FinTec, Online Marketing (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, SEA), Strategic and technical Consulting

    founder an of financial coaching platform and fintec for trading opportunity tool

    agile enthusiast
  • Non-profit / honorary
    Period: 2016 - today
    - BöVC e.V. - Exchange Association (Advisory board, former chairman of the board)
    - IHK examination board (examiner for computer science professions)

Cert. Scrum Master // TÜV

Cert. ETC // EgoSecure

Cert. ACA // Astaro Academy / Sophos

Cert. VTSP4 // VMWare Partner University

Cert. VSP4 // VMWare Partner University


IT Security Officer
privacy data consultant (DSGVO)

- project management pmk.i.s.s PMCC Austria / TÜV Academy Project controlling, planning resources, costs, risk analysis - Basic protection according to Secure IT Operation Sparkassen IT Center SITB as template for ISO 27001, risk analyses - Emergency Management IT Protection by BSI 3 - Digital invoices e-invoicing - Dealing with complexity, leadership in complex situations - Investment and budget planning - Communication and conflict resolution - IT security and risk analyses - FibreOptics Fundamentals and Measurement Technology, JDSU - Time Management - ERP Implementation - Storage Administration, Netapp DataONTAP / IBM - Software Asset Management, Microsoft Licensing Audit - periodic Microsoft training: current Windows Server - Software distribution and inventory - Incident Management, Ticketing Software - Risk Analysis - License Management - Data protection training - ITIL self-study - Labor Law